Gileboom toward zero air pollution

trees planted for zero air pollution

In order to reach zero air pollution, after 7 years, 265 trees are protected in Gileboom, out of which 150 are planted that aged between 5 to 65 years old. After two years (in near future), the number of trees will be 300, which is sufficient to neutralize air pollution that are produced each year by Gileboom and its guests.

Carbon offset is a target and guests have a good companionship with us. Endemic trees are focused to be planted each year, while exotic plants are going to be removed completely.

According to the researches, everyone should plant and protect at least 50 trees during the life in order to have zero pollution during their life.

Unfortunately, sense of place and the feeling of sacredness are missing from most existing tourism lodges. Different trees and plants can fix nitrogen to nourish the soil, extract vital nutrients from deep in the sub_soil, repel insects, host beneficial predator insects, provide shade for tender seedlings and serve as trellises for native climbing vine.

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