It seems that you are just going to stay here and relax, drink tea, and read books at first by reaching Gileboom and staying in its cozy rooms; but the pretty landscape around the lodge, breathing fresh air, and great activity maps will not let you just loll here, walking in rural lanes and strolling in the hinterland is the first enjoyable activity to do here.

You can walk to the Caspian Sea, the world’s largest lake, and enjoy sandy beach – which is a great place for swimming –and sale there while enjoying a beautiful view of jungle and snowy Somamous peak. From early fall till spring you can also watch teams of fishermen catching fishes there.

You may also pick the walking maps and move towards Eisal-Kool, the rice fields and reach the Sal (water reservoir for rice planting), tea and kiwifruit farms and a plant nursery where hectares of ornamental plants are grown neatly by the owner and rural men and women are working there.

Mish-Sere Dasht is another option, which means ‘sheep pasture’ in Gilaki dialect. The plain is full of Kunos trees (gilak term for wild medlar trees) so you can eat the fruits in late fall and winter.

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