Ecotourism and eco Traveler

Ecotourism and eco Traveler

Ecotourism and eco Traveler are the well known words, in this way, no ecolodge should hire an operations manager or general manager who does not have experienced and trained in sustainable operations and ecotourism. In Gileboom ecolodge, the owners are familiar and have passed courses in tour guiding, eco-tourism and sustainable environment. In all of our tours we hold,  the conservation of environment, the improvement of the local people’s well-being and responsible travel to natural areas are considered.

Gileboom owners
Gileboom owners

As a fact, the price of rooms in Ecolodges is more expensive than usual accommodation like hotels. It is because of the philosophy of Ecolodge and their appearance. Climate change is directly related to mass production and human population and in this way, ecolodges target is in opposite of mass tourism.

Eco tourists are every time looking after ecolodges and they protect them because of expanding sustainable operations. Local benefit, protecting environment and local cultures are so important that in many cases, eco travelers donate local eco activities and cultural projects.

Cleaning the environment , Ecotourism and eco Traveler
eco Travelers help Cleaning the environment

Fundamental goal for any “eco” oriented project is that the development of the site must leave the site better off after development than before. As our planet is conquered by many huge apartment and buildings, which lead to few spaces for flora and fauna, so ecotourism would be a good reaction to stop such unstable development. Actually Ecolodges are in the region to be a fine example of green activities.

eco travelers participate in tree planting , Ecotourism and eco traveler
eco travelers participate in tree planting

Ecolodges wealth is biological and cultural diversity, so in Gileboom we assume a great responsibility to sustain this phenomenon with the help of eco travelers.

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