If you want to try light programs around Gileboom homestay and save your energy for the rest of your trip, we would suggest you Observing Fishing Activities or Damkesh spring sightseeing programs. All of these programs are one-day excursion which you may walk to the Caspian Sea or take a taxi to drive you there. It is possible for Gileboom guests to join the fishing parties and experience it.

There are some other excursions such as visiting Tea factory; a kind of Industrial tourism to get familiar with the process of making Green and Black tea, the differences between organic and non-organic tea, and the harvest time of tea plants.

Another exciting program is Javaher-Dasht Safari; a safari with 4WD Jeeps to the middle of Hyrcanian mixed forests to reach a high-altitude plain, called as Jordasht or Javaher-Dasht (1900 m).

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