Industrial Tourism

Industrial Tourism : Tea Factory

Part One:

Industrial tourism is about visiting companies and workshops in order to understand the history of an art or profession. In this way tourists would be familiar with productions process, production branches and finally direct and indirect marketing is happened.

We can make a shipbuilding company or a little workshop as our target. These tours are so valuable specially for childrens, and if they are organized according to their school’s books and courses, would have alot deep impact on their knowledge.

Either a big company or a small workshop is dependent on many supply chain which they themselves could be a target. For example casting or forging workshops for producing winch and anchor. Everytime regulations are changed specially from environmental point of view, so these are some interesting points that could be assigned as a good alternative to have a sustainable behavior.

Direct knowledge about production process has both advantages and challenges. Consider we are in a workshop with a lot of fiberglass products. Visitors and guides feedbacks are possible to improve some standards or situation for the workers safety and healthy issues. On the other side maybe the owners refuse to accept.

Maybe They do not want to present their special technology or etc. So it is necessary before visiting any workshops, we make a good understanding of each other and have a right solution and answers for probably conflicts or misunderstandings.

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