First Floor (Jirkhane)

Gileboom first floor has four cozy rooms named ‘Talar Otagh’ , ‘Somamous’ , ‘Rash’ , and ‘Khotka’. Khotka and Rash are the rooms for hosts as they live in this homestay, other rooms are for guests.

The word “Jirkhane” in Gilaki dialect means: the first floor of a building.

First floor facilities include:

  • Talar-Otagh, a private double room
  • Somamous, a private 4-bed room
  • All rooms have gas heater for winters and fan for summers
  • Shared bathroom (Western style toilet with a shower)
  • Shared Iranian style toilet
  • There is a handle inside the toilet for helping elder guests and those on wheelchair
  • There is a handicraft shop in the kitchen to sell local artisans products

Look at the pictures for more information:

First Floor Map
First Floor Map

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