World of Children

World of Children : muddy sculpture Hannah made

“Everything is commenced by children; they have a great impact on everybody, and they are our future”, Hadi said.

And I, as the owner of the ecolodge, think it is a wise choice to make our accommodation a pleasurable place for kids.

As they experience natural places, they will sharpen their senses and understanding of the world. They will tell us how it is possible to make our life like nature. It is indeed all we need.

Hadi and his wife are one of our repeat visitors. They always come to Gileboom ecolodge and make their special story. Of course, in recent years their story has become a little different. It is accompanied by a new guest; yeah, their little girl whose name is Hannah.

Children’s use of language is amazing, filled with a lot of fun and exciting experience. Climbing up trees is full of adventure for them; still for us, too. Being at an altitude (even as high as the top of a tree) and having an extraordinary view from that place gives a child a true sense of accomplishment. When we see this fact through children’s eyes, our world will also be full of adventure. It is well recognized when you are in the same condition as them; I mean if we could make ourselves smaller and smaller. Of course, scales should be the same as them to understand what they see, what they want, and why they cry.

During their last visit, Hannah who is now 3.5 years old, climbed a wooden ladder, made a muddy sculpture with her father, and visited many living creatures like lizards, spiders, snakes, and cicadas while strolling through our garden with her mother.

Sometimes there is some misunderstanding or maybe she is out of her usual daily nap.

Hadi always says this with a smile, “Children need to play. Everything is hidden in the fact that we should spend more time with them; we need to play with them, listen to their stories patiently, and make this dreamful land together”.

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