Eisal-Kool Walk - 1 Day

Egret in Eisal kool walk

Eisal-kool walk is suitable for all around the year, Eisal-kool is the name of a trail. This is how the walk is done: 

Moving towards the rice fields from Gileboom and passing a short narrow lane, we reach the Sal (water reservoir for rice planting). This place, known as Gishar Park, overlooks the rice paddies which extend all the way to the Caspian Sea. We continue walking along the water reservoirs to reach an asphalt road. Tea and kiwi farms as well as a lagoon are located along this road. After a short walk we arrive at a plant nursery where hectares of ornamental plants are grown neatly by the owner. At the end of the road we reach the highway, head to the sandy beach and boating area via Sahel-2 road, Ahowan complex.

On the way back, we visit Nosrati Cafe and a Chadorshab weaving workshop on Ghasem Abad-e Sofla’s main entrance before returning to Gileboom, passing the lane next to the football field.

Eisal-Kool Walking Trail Map
Eisal-Kool Walking Trail Map

Before the Trip Please Prepare:

  • Cap
  • Light rucksack
  • Extra socks
  • Walking shoes
  • Camera
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • 1L Water


What is the attractions of this walk?

Rice Field,
Sandy Beach,
Kiwi and Tea Farms,
Water Reservoir (Sal),
Flower and Plant Nursery,
Visiting Chadorshab Weaving Workshop,
Boat Ride and Watching Fishermen

Trip Facts

  • 2 hours
  • 2 Km
  • Light

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