Gishar-Kuh Peak Climbing - 1 Day

Gishar kuh peak

The duration of Gishar-Kuh Peak Climbing is 8 hours.

Gishar-Kuh (1350m) is a conical peak spreading like a velvet corrugated skirt against the backdrop of Ghasem-Abad. Standing on top of the mountain provides a perfect view of the sea shore, all the way from Kelachay to Ramsar.

The name “Gishar” refers to the similarity between the mountain and the long Ghasem-Abadi skirts. The girls who wore these skirts were called “Gishe” in local language.

Moving from Gileboom, the first stop is in Chale-Sara where we take a short rest. Rural cottages and natural springs are scattered along the way from Chale-Sara to Fin-Deh. Walking eastward on the ridge along a meandering path we reach a subsidiary peak first and then Gishar-Kuh peak. The slope eventually gets steeper from Fin-Deh to the peak.

The weather is usually foggy in the spring and autumn. Mesmerizing moss-covered trees, humped cows and wild brown and white mushrooms are some attractions of the trek. The peak is conical in shape and is covered with beautiful tall trees.

Gishar-Kuh Peak Climbing
Ascending route in Jungle
Fin-Deh wooden cottage, Gishar-Kuh Peak Climbing
Fin-Deh wooden cottage

Before the Trip Please Prepare:

  • Light rucksack 
  • 1 L of Water 
  • Anti-insect Spray 
  • Long Sleeve Shirt 
  • Hiking Shoes 
  • Hiking Stick


What is the attractions of this trek?

1) Beautiful View over Caspian Sea
2) Hyrcanian virgin forest & old Trees
3) Caspian vimba fish
4) Wooden and mud cottages
5) Seasonal fruits such as raspberry, walnut, apple, and orange
6) Tea and orange farms
7) Beautiful view over Alborz mountain ranges
8) Local Handicrafts (Felts)
9) Picnic with tea

Is there any WC service in Chale Sara?

Yes. There are Bath and WC Services there.

Trip Facts

  • 1350 m
  • 8 hours
  • 6 people
  • Difficult

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