Chale-Sara Hike - 1 Day

Chale Sara

The duration of Chale-Sara Hike is 3:30 hours. After crossing the lanes and viewing the tea and the orange farms, we reach the fresh water river (Siah-Lat). In the river we can see little fishes called Caspian vimba fish. After 1.5h of easy hiking with a light slope, we arrive at Chale-Sara. It is a flat place with wooden and mud cottages and an Imam-Zade (holy shrine) where local people come for their vow or special events.

Chale-Sara Trail Map
Chale-Sara Trail Map

Before the Trip Please Prepare:

  • Light rucksack 
  • 0.5L of Water 
  • Anti-insect Spray 
  • Long Sleeve Shirt 
  • Hiking Shoes 
  • Hiking Stick


What is the attractions of this hike?

1) Beautiful View over Caspian Sea
2) Hyrcanian virgin forest & old Trees
3) Caspian vimba fish
4) Wooden and mud cottages
5) Seasonal fruits such as raspberry, walnut, apple, and orange
6) Tea and orange farms
7) Beautiful view over Gishar-Kuh
8) Local Handicrafts (Felts)
9) Picnic with tea

Is there any WC service in Chale Sara?

Yes. There are Bath and WC Services there.

How is the dirt road for hiking?

Usually it is too dusty and it is not recommended; but if you don’t have a guide with you , it is better to go through this road to not get lost in the Jungle.
There is also a possibility to traverse the dirt road by Jeep

Trip Facts

  • 350 m
  • 3.30 hours
  • 6 people
  • Moderate

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