Accommodation Facilities

The house’s architecture and design is a mix of tradition and modernity. The house can accommodate up to 17 guests and  is equipped with wireless network (WiFi).

Gileboom accommodation facilities include:

First floor

  • Three rooms are in the first floor, two having capacity for maximum 2 guests each and the third room with capacity for 4.
  • Six beds are provided for the first floor.
  • One Iranian style toilet (shared) and one European style toilet with bathroom (shared) are provided in the first floor, outside the rooms.
  • For winters, gas and electric heater is provided. 
  • For summers, is equipped with fan.

Second floor (Jorkhane)

  • The second floor has a suit with capacity to accommodate up to 4 guests, One bed is provided for this floor.
  • One Iranian style toilet with one European style toilet with bathroom (all private) is provided in the second floor.
  • For winters, gas heater and for summers, air conditioner are provided.


Eco-Kolbe is a cottage made of mud and wood in the yard, which has been built in the architectural style of 50 years ago. The cottage is equipped with a traditional fireplace and an electric heater (for very cold winter days) and a fan for summers.

Eco-Kolbe has capacity for 3 guests, including 3 traditional style beds and extra coverlet and mattress.

  • A cottage made of mud and wood in the yard where is provided with three beds can also host 3 guests, also called eco-Kolbe.
  • One European style toilet with bathroom (all private) is provided in the cottage.
  • For winters, traditional fireplace and an electric heater, for summers, fan are provided.
  • This cottage is disable-friendly, as the entrance has no stairs and has a ramp, inside the toilet there are enough handles for getting up of the wheelchair and sitting on the toilet.


Konduj is traditionally used for the warehouse of rice stems, now it has turned into a tree house where kids can play and sometimes it is a place to sleep or a private room for guests.

The house is surrounded by a 1,500-square meter yard, planted with various trees. The guests can enjoy eating fresh citrus fruits from the garden in autumn and winter. Wild pear trees, known as Anbu, bear fruits in June. There is an Iranian style toilet and bathroom in the yard adjucent to Eco-Kolbe.

A special area is provided in the backyard for setting up campfire. The place is decorated with wooden and stone benches for sitting together.



Gileboom is located within a 15-minute walking distance from the main east-west highway and a 20-minute walk from the beach. It is also a 15-minute walk away from the jungle.

To familiarize the guests with the traditional folk music of the region, Gileboom organizes live performances by local Ghasem-Abadi performers.

Folk music singers

Folk music singers

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Gileboom’s hall is a common room where everyone can gather. Each room has a local name such as Talar Othagh, Khootka, Rash, Somamous, and Jorkhaneh. Among these, Khootka is occupied by the hosts.

First Floor Map

First Floor Map

Second Floor Map

Second Floor Map