Visit to Damkesh Spring

Damkesh Spring, National Natural Monument

Geographic Position: N365932 E503206

Damkesh Spring is a national natural landmark, located about 25-minute drive away from Gileboom.

Visiting Hours: 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

The site has a parking space for up to 15 cars as well as a restroom facility for visitors. The distance between the parking space and the spring is about 50 meters.

About the Spring:

Damkesh spring streams from a 1-meter diameter hole in the ground under an old maple tree. The water runs intermittently so the spring could remain dry for hours, even days at a time while flowing constantly during the other days.

Around the spring have grown Ash trees, locally knows as “Shushar.” These trees are called as “Kish” in western Guilan and “Shemshad” in Persian.

The spring has attracted a number of great experts in the past including the Persian scholar Sheikh-Bahaei (1547-1621) and British author H.L. Rabino. The locals believe that the spring’s water is useful for treating kidney stones and iron deficiency.