Milash Waterfall Hiking


For hiking Milash waterfall, we shall drive from Gileboom towards Rahim-Abad village and then continue through Sefid-Ab road towards Ziyaz to arrive at Divrood historical village.

The road to Divrood village is asphalt-finished and it takes about one hour to reach there. The village has maintained its traditional architecture and historical texture over the past 100 years. Walking through the narrow alleys and watching the old houses is among the attractions of this village.

There are two ways to go from Divrood to Milash village: by walking through a dirt road or by hiking. The walk takes about 30 minutes. The hiking route is steeper and passes through wild hazelnut trees. It takes about one hour to reach Milash village by hiking.

Milash village is also beautiful and has, fortunately, maintained its historical texture. The houses have thatched roofs and simple barns.

After half an hour of walking through hazelnut trees on a mild slope from Milash village, the path gets divided into two routes. The upward route leads straight to the waterfall; while the downward route involves crossing the river a few times and passing through the rocks and small waterfalls before reaching the main waterfall. So if you are looking for some adventure, pick the downward route.

The height of the waterfall is about 12 meters and it is surrounded by parrotia persica trees.

Caution: There are no toilets along the route.

Track Attractions: Pol-Rood river valley, the green and mountainous road from Rahim-Abad to Sefid-Ab, hazelnut and borage farms, the traditional texture of Milash and Divrood villages, parrotia persica trees.