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Gileboom Position on Google Map:

  • Address: No 69, Abrisham1 Alley, Shohada St. Qasemabad Sofla, Chaboksar,Gilan
  • Tel: +98-1342656595
  • Cell: +98-919-6396185
  •  To get quicker reply to reservation request, please call or send a message to +98-919-6396185 on WhatsApp 
  • Email:
  • Coordinates: 37° 0’11.66″N, 50°29’38.94″E
  • View of Entrance Gate:
Gileboom's Wooden Gate | Contact us

Gileboom’s Wooden Gate

After arriving in Iran and getting Iran Mobile SIM card, please contact us and let us know if you need some help for finding our address or etc.

There are two options for reaching Gileboom from Tehran.

1) If you want to see Chaloos road / Chalus road, which is a mountainous road, you should catch a bus to Ramsar (رامسر) city.

From Ramsar, take a taxi to Gileboom, at No. 69, Abrisham1 alley, Shohada st. Qasem-Abad e Sofla village.

The address in Persian is as below, you can show it to the driver :

روستای قاسم آباد سفلی، خیابان شهدا، کوچه ابریشم ۱، پلاک۶۹. اقامتگاه گیله بوم.

2) If you want to come through Qazvin-Rasht highway, it’s better to get a bus ticket to Kelachay (کلاچای) city.

From Kelachay, take a taxi to Gileboom and enjoy riding along the coastline.

The address is as mentioned above.

3) If you are coming from Rasht, go to Janbazan Sq. (میدان جانبازان) and take a shared taxi to Kelachay or minibus to Chaloos. There is no bus from Rasht to Ramsar.

  1. From Kelachay you can take a private taxi to Gileboom.
  2. If you take a minibus to Chaloos, get off the minibus at the entrance of Qasem-Abad e Sofla village located in a point 15 km before Ramsar. You can reach Gileboom by taxi, motorbike or on foot.

You can reserve a bus ticket from Argentina Terminal (also named Beyhaqi Terminal) or Azadi terminal (also named West Terminal) in Tehran.

Some of the useful links to check bus tickets are as follows:

1- Safar724 (a website to reserve tickets)

2- Royal : Beyhaghi Terminal

3- Asre Iran : West Terminal

4- (a website to reserve tickets)