About Us

From Qasem-Abad to Qasem-Abad

Our journey began from Qasem-Abad village of Sistan and Baluchestan Province and ended in Qasem-Abad village of Guilan Province. From south, to the north. Handicrafts became the reason that united us all together.

In there, was the needlework; in here is the Chadorshab weaving. There, were the adobe houses made with date tree trunks; here the Kondujs (traditional rice storage) made with Zelkova tree trunks. There, was the date; here is the rice. Both places have woven baskets. Both places have shepherds, songs and prayers that invoke life.

Having seen the hardships suffered by handicraft artists in the dry Qasem-Abad village in the south, we came to create Gileboom eco-lodge, a resort that is meant to represent Guilan’s architecture, culture and handicrafts made by Gilani men and women. We are set to create a “new” Qasem-Abad.

Ghasem-Abadi Dress

Ghasem-Abadi Dress