• Gileboom renovation

    Gileboom Internal Renovation

    Gileboom is closed for internal renovation from 23 July 2017 to 23 August 2017. We will open and host you after that time in Gileboom ecolodge.

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  • اکوکلبه

    Eco Kolbe

    Eco Kolbe is a cottage made of mud and wood in the yard of Gileboom, which has been built in the architectural style of 50 years ago. There is an

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  • ورزامشته

    Rice Doll (Warzamoshte)

    The Gilaks used to roll up the last harvested bundle of rice straw and hang it on one of the pillars in the terrace. They believed it would bless their

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Cob Making

Cob Making

Goal: In this workshop, the participants learn about the cob mixture and the cob making process. The Program: Preparing the mud, mixing in the straw,

سفالگری ماچیان


Goal: To learn about pottery clay, clay kneading and making pottery dishes The Program: The participants are taught about the type of soil and additives

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